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Hello supporter,

Obviously, this website is a labor of love for me after years working as a newspaper reporter. I love watching, supporting and writing about high school sports, and I hope whether you have known me for years or are new to this site, you have enjoyed your visit.

I'm hoping to make this site your No. 1 stop for all your Hillsborough County high school sports information. Certainly, the landscape of local sports reporting has changed in the last decade, and I am hoping that athletes, coaches and parents HAVE NOT accepted the diminishing coverage and moved on.

I've long believed, local preps coverage SHOULD BE the civic duty of the local newspaper of record. Sadly, I seem to be in the minority in that belief in this profession. Without the financial backing of a media service, I can't promise this site will remain free and not become a subscription membership site in the future. It is my hope to provide as much content for free for as long as I'm able.

Unfortunately, there are costs associated with this business. Travel, gas, electronic equipment, website upkeep, business expenses, and maybe most difficult to put a price tag on - time.

So at the start, instead of asking readers to pay a monthly or annual fee or asking for donations, I'm hoping some of our visitors might be willing to discuss advertising with us.

Do you own a small business - a restaurant, shop, service, or product - and want to be a part of the team?

The audience would be specialized, but passionate and I'm hoping you will be as excited to reach out to the local sports family in Hillsborough County as this site is.

With this being said, I'm not setting an advertising pricing scale. Sales is not my thing.

In the spirit of "any little bit helps" I will work with you to design and implement an advertising plan. If that means posting a new restaurant coupon every week, a different sale or event, or a one-time gathering, I'll work with you for an arrangement we are both comfortable with.

To make this website work, I need your support so I can continue to cover and share the stories of your kids, grandkids and friends.

Please e-mail me directly or call.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site, I hope you enjoyed what you've seen,

Jarrett Guthrie, editor
(813) 951-6865


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